Hi, I’m Paul Anders. A Motion Designer living in Portland Oregon. I have broad experience in 2d animation, video and motion graphics, and a great balance of creative/technical skills. I apply them with an extremely sharp level of creativity, problem solving, storytelling and visual consistency.

• 4 years print design
• 2 years Interactive Designer at CyberSight/Ninedots
• 5 years Interactive and Print Designer // Interactive Art Director at Razorfish
• 2 years Motion Graphics Director at Razorfish
• 1 year Senior Motion Designer at Tangible Worldwide
• Currently 10+ years Freelance Designer / Motion Designer / Illustrator

I am a highly versatile digital artist covering 2d art direction, design and motion graphics, 3d direction and compositing.

Some of my clients while working agency side and as an independent freelancer include:
Adidas, Northwest Airlines, Visa, Quaker, Bing, Zune, MS Office, Levi’s, Coors Light, Nike, Travelocity, T-Mobile, Keystone, Yakima, Pitchfork, Intel, Silverlight, MS Windows, Best Buy, Molsen among others.

My main area of expertise is with Photoshop, After Effects and Illustrator, though I know just enough 3d to create fairly simple animations, that is not my area of expertise. I leave the heavy lifting of 3d modeling and animation to those who do it much better than me, although I’ve been very successful in directing 3d designers and understand the workflow to integrate those assets into my designs.

I was born and raised in a small town in southern Oregon, and moved to Portland in the early 90′s. Outside of work I like riding bikes (both motorized and the traditional Portland variety), I love photography, I’m obsessive about great design and illustration, I have a strange affinity with cats.

More info is on my LinkedIn or feel free to get in touch about work opportunities or to request a picture of my dog.